No sky in Monrovia 11/20

Morris Jones mojo at
Sat Nov 20 15:38:28 PST 2004

An upper-level low pressure area is bringing us clouds and a chance of
showers tonight, so we're reluctantly cancelling sidewalk astronomy in
Monrovia this evening.

Last night in Pasadena was excellent, with 281 visitors counted, and some
of the best seeing conditions for the Moon.  I know the haze and smog
looked ugly, but it gave us a nice still atmosphere to look through.  The
telescopes revealed lots of great lunar detail.

I've updated the web page <> with some pictures.

Our next first-quarter Moon opportunity will be the weekend of December

Conditions might be better in Griffith Park than they are here in the San
Gabriel Valley.  The Los Angeles Astronomical Society will be featuring
telescopes at the Griffith Observatory Satellite next to the zoo parking
lot tonight.

Best regards,
Morris Jones         <*>
Monrovia, CA
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