Sidewalk Astronomy this weekend

Morris Jones mojo at
Fri Jan 14 07:45:01 PST 2005

We have lots of things to celebrate this weekend:

It's Saturn opposition, meaning Saturn will be back in the evening sky 
for the next several months.

The Huygens probe appears to have successfully returned data from the 
atmosphere of Titan (at the time of this writing).

And it's finally stopped raining for a while!

Jane and I will set up telescopes in Pasadena on Colorado Blvd. near 
Delacey this evening (Friday), starting at about 6:00 p.m.

Saturday we plan to set up in Old Town Monrovia at Myrtle and Lime, and 
joining us will be the founder of the Sidewalk Astronomers, John Dobson, 
inventor of the sidewalk telescope bearing his name.

The weather forecast looks better for Friday than for Saturday, but 
we're holding out hope for enough clear skies on both evenings to give 
out some great views of the waxing crescent Moon, Saturn, and possibly 
even comet Machholz (if we can find it under the city lights).

(Our telescopes are good, but we still can't see through clouds!)

I'll send a weather update on Saturday.

Best regards,
Morris Jones
Monrovia, CA
Old Town Astronomers:

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