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Fri Apr 6 16:29:22 PDT 2007

What's Up?

There's a new video feature debuting on the JPL web pages today.  The 
new monthly feature, which I host :-), is called "What's Up".  It 
will highlight an astronomical viewing opportunity everyone can 
enjoy, usually even without a telescope, and usually in the most 
light polluted sky. All of you on our Old Town Astronomers list know 
all about light polluted skies - it's where we set up telescopes 
every month!

In April there is a fantastic viewing opportunity all of you can 
enjoy right from your own back (or front) yard.  No telescope 
required!  The moon rises from near Venus on April 21, (which is 
National Astronomy Day) through April 25, when the moon is above 
Saturn. Most of the images in the video came my 350+ worldwide 
volunteers, called the Cassini-Huygens  Saturn Observation Campaign.

The video is here on the JPL home page : .

On the JPL Education Gateway page is the video plus amateur astronomy 
Here you can download the sky chart which will show you where to find 
Venus, Saturn, and watch the crescent moon rise in-between the two 
planets later this month. You might try looking for the moon April 19 
or 20 below Venus.  it'll be a very thin crescent.

Please forward this to your own network of friends or students if you 
think they'd be interested.  Or link to the JPL Education's Amateur 
Astronomy page so that 
your pals can use the charts, and listen to the video, and use the 
other great links on the page.

I have one more tidbit.  April 21 is National Astronomy Day.  Mojo 
will be set up as usual in Monrovia (weather permitting), and 
possibly in Pasadena on April 20, but I will be in England that 
weekend.  Here is a really nice (and free) astronomy chart for April. 
It usually is available only by subscription, but the Abrams 
Planetarium has made it available for Astronomy Day.  I know a lot of 
you are members of other astronomy clubs or may be holding your own 
observing events on April 21 which is why I am sharing this link. 
Print it out and enjoy!  You might even want to subscribe! I used 
this chart when I was a brand new amateur astronomer unsure what to 
aim at.  It provided me years of enjoyment!

Jane Houston Jones
Senior Outreach Specialist, Cassini Program
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