What's Up for January? Venus! + Sidewalk Astronomy January 3

Jones, Jane H jane.h.jones at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Dec 30 15:08:37 PST 2008

Our January 2009 Sidewalk Astronomy night will be Saturday January 3rd in
Monrovia, weather permitting.  We'll skip Pasadena on January 2nd due to the
proximity of our observing location to Rose Parade route and cleanup, not to
mention New Years Eve and Day events and recovery from same. We'll be set up
from 6 - 9 p.m. Saturday night. If you wish to join us with your new (or
never used) telescope drop us a line ahead of time so we can arrange to meet
you earlier for setup.  It's not easy to do a new scope setup after dark
with a crowd nearby.....

Each month during 2009 we'll be celebrating International Year of
Astronomy in my 2-minute What's Up podcasts. January 2009 is all about
Venus, the featured NASA IYA Celestial object.

Here is where you can find the podcast on the JPL site:

It is also available on You Tube in 2 formats - which are easy to download
if you have a slower connection (according to my parents)

Here is the NASA IYA website:
http://astronomy2009.nasa.gov/observe.htm (What's Up isn't there
quite yet)

Don't forget to have a look at Saturn on New Years Eve!  That was the
December 2008 What's Up topic, available on both JPL and You Tube, or
simplify and get it directly to your iPod via iTunes.  :-)

Thanks for a great year of public astronomy - we do this to share the
wonders of the night sky with you!

Jane, Mojo, Dave, Todd K, Caroline, Gary, Elizabeth, Catherine, Tom, Daphne,
Katherine, Becky, Todd B, Scott, Ed and Roseann - your Old Town Sidewalk
Astronomers: http://www.otastro.org/astronomers/

Jane Houston Jones
Senior Outreach Specialist, Cassini Program
JPL - 4800 Oak Grove Drive, MS 230-205
Pasadena, CA  91109  818-393-6435
jane.h.jones at jpl.nasa.gov
Cassini SOC http://soc.jpl.nasa.gov/index.cfm
What's Up? http://education.jpl.nasa.gov/amateurastronomy/index.html

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