Burminco closing

Jane Houston Jones jane at whiteoaks.com
Wed Dec 31 13:18:09 PST 2008

I just stopped by Burminco (Bugnham Mining Company) on Encinitas in 
Monrovia to pay my respects to the staff and family of George Burnham, 
who died at 94 last month.  The obituary said the store would remain 
open through December 31, but the future was uncertain. The store is 
open today but it is definitely closing sometime soon.

The store  may or may not reopen at a different location.  So this note 
is for all you rock and mineral lovers, collectors, teachers who may 
have purchased classroom materials at Burminco, or made up gifts or rock 
collections. You might want to visit today or soon!

For information, call (626) 358-4478 or visit www.burminco.com



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