What's Up for January 2011? Quadrantids (and a demoted constellation)

Jane Houston Jones jane at whiteoaks.com
Wed Dec 29 15:53:11 PST 2010

Hi everyone!  The January Quadrantids peak early next week - in the 
morning hours of Tuesday January 4th. It's a good night with no moon, 
but the sharp shower peak favors observers in Europe.  Regardless, if 
it's clear and you are awake, look between and below the big and little 
dippers and you might see some belated but beautiful fireworks.

My JPL podcast this month features the Quadrantids, the morning planets 
and a preview of next month's spacecraft flyby of comet Tempel 1.

I also wrote a blog post featuring the demoted constellation, Quadrans 
Muralis.  Did you even know that planets weren't the only thing to get 
demoted by the International Astronomical Union?  There is a good reason 
for it, (for naming variable stars with a standard set of 
constellations), but I sure wish Felis the cat, Gallus the rooster, and 
Officina Typographica 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Officina_Typographica> were on my modern 
star charts.

On to the links:

JPL website videos: Top right http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/

NASA page: http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/podcasting/whatsup_index.html

Many formats of the podcast and extra super related links:
My NASA blog -  read about the shower's radiant -- the demoted constellation
Quadrans Muralis
_Youtube - January podcast

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What's Up For January Video and Blog: Quadrantids!
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