Fireworks and/or Dark nebulae!

Jane Houston Jones jane at
Thu Jul 1 18:47:13 PDT 2010

For those of you escaping the urban jungle this holiday weekend, pack a pair
of binoculars and enjoy the glorious Milky Way after the sight of fireworks is over.

A pretty march of the planets is underway too. Mars and Saturn are inching
closer to one another (from out vantage point on Earth, that is) with Venus
not too far away - all grouped in the western sky at sunset.

The sky looked exactly like the images in this month's What's Up podcast at our
recent desert outing. In fact, nearly all the astrophotos in July's podcast were 
taken on that June 12-13 night by Mojo from our dark sky astronomy location.

Out next outing should be July 10. If you are interested in seeing an
amazing summer sky through big and small telescopes, let me know. We haven't 
quite decided if and where we'll go, as the desert heats up in the summer, even at night!  

I have a new webpage for my What's Up podcast and occasional blog entries on our
NASA Solar System Exploration website.

Here's the new News and Events webpage, and from
here you can get to this month's podcast and more.

And join me and take a stroll through the new Solar System web content. 
My group at work has been developing, writing and coding it for a year now!  
There is great kids content! I double dog dare you to try these puzzles!

YouTube version of the podcast is easier for some people so here is the link:

We'll keep you in the loop with regard to celestial happenings, and we both have some work travel this month. I get to go to Washington DC and be Galileo with my Galilean telescope replica. :-)

Jane Houston Jones
Monrovia, CA
What's Up July 2010? Dark Nebulae!
What's Up Podcast on YouTube:

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