Sidewalk Astronomy this weekend

Morris Jones mojo at
Fri Jul 16 08:57:40 PDT 2010

Summer has definitely arrived in L.A., and it's promising to be a hot 
weekend!  It's also the weekend of the first-quarter moon, when you see 
a roughly half-moon in the early evening sky.  You might have noticed it 
growing from a small crescent this week as it passed by Venus, Mars, and 
Saturn after sunset on successive nights.

This weekend we'll be serving up views of the moon, Saturn, and Venus to 
accidental astronomers at Pamela Park in Duarte, and Old Town Monrovia.

Tonight instead of Old Town Pasadena, the astronomers will be set up in 
small Pamela Park in Duarte.  L.A. is keeping several county parks open 
past sunset this summer.  Look for telescopes there tonight between 8:00 
and 10:00 p.m.  The park's official web page has its location just south 
of Duarte Blvd.:

Saturday we'll be at our usual spot in Monrovia at the corner of Myrtle 
and Lime at Library Park from 8:00 'til 10:00.

Now here's a kick -- Monrovia is putting on free outdoor movies in 
Library Park this summer, and Saturday evening they'll be showing _Star 
Wars_.  Last month this turned out to be a great combination activity, 
and we had one of our biggest turnouts in Monrovia.  Between the hot 
summer day and the movie in the park, we should have good crowds this 
Saturday as well.

Finally, if any of you still have a telescope in the closet that you've 
never quite figured out how to set up, I'll be happy to meet you in 
Monrovia at our Library Park location at 7:00 with my box of tools. 
Drop me a note if you'd like to do this.  If I don't hear from you I 
won't be there.

Morris Jones
Monrovia, CA
Old Town Astronomers:

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