Mother's Day planets :-)

Jane Houston Jones jane at
Sat May 8 15:29:00 PDT 2010

Happy Mothers day everyone!

For you early risers, at dawn on Sunday, May 9th--Mother's Day--the 
crescent Moon and Jupiter are getting together for a lovely conjunction. 
Only 5 degrees will separate the two bright celestial delights as they 
hang together in the sunrise-colored sky. Look for Jupiter below the 
moon - about the distance of your fist, held  up to the sky.

If you don't get up early, enjoy the planetary lineup tonight (or any 
night now).  Bright Venus is lower and brighter, Saturn and Mars are 
higher - Mars is overhead slightly to the west. Wendy took her telescope 
out to the desert this week and shared views of Saturn with her 
archaeologists, geologist , botanist, biologist and other ologist staff 
at their retreat.  Kudos to Wendy!!! She is an official Sidewalk 
Astronomer now, and I'll have to make her a nametag and let her borrow 
my big telescope now.  :-) .

Morning chart looking East

Evening chart looking West

Speaking of big telescopes, Mojo and I are all packed for a night of 
desert stargazing tonight out past Indio.  It will be our first 
shirtsleeve weather night.  It's short notice, but here are the 
directions - you can send us (mojane at an email if you are 
planning to come out.  Bring lots of water, gonna be hot out there!!!

Next weekend, which is our usual new moon outing is also JPL Open House, so I am working all 
weekend and can't go play with the stars.  :-(

Come see me in the solar system exhibit.  I will be cross dressing (as 
Galileo) with a replica of his telescope.  Something like this, but 
nicer thanks to my sidewalk buddy Caroline, who is helping with some 
17th century accessories :-)

Jane Houston Jones
Monrovia, CA
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