Pasadena and Monrovia this weekend

Morris Jones mojo at
Fri Nov 12 08:34:43 PST 2010

Clear and a bit chilly, but should be great views of the moon and 
Jupiter tonight and tomorrow.

Tonight (Friday) we'll set up in Old Town Pasadena, on Colorado Blvd., 
somewhere in the two-block stretch from Fair Oaks to Pasadena Ave.  We 
use the north side of Colorado in order to face the ecliptic (where the 
moon and planets are) to the south.  The exact spot kind of depends on 
parking.  Expect us to be there from about 7:00 'til 9:00.

But if you're really wanting to hang out with telescopes and 
astronomers, pop over to Monrovia's Library Park on Saturday evening. 
There we have room to spread out with several telescopes of every 
imaginable configuration.  You can compare views and chat with the 
owners.  It's much more relaxed than in Pasadena.  I plan to arrive 
about 6:00, with others joining us as the night goes on.

This month Jupiter is "that star" that's always there, bright and high 
towards the south most of the evening.  If you're up before dawn, you'll 
see Venus has swung around to be the morning star for the next few months.

Favorite Twitter quote from the past month by "canislatrans," Chris Clarke:

"It's a beautiful night sky in Los Angeles. I just spent a little time 
outside looking up at the star."

Best regards,
Morris Jones, Monrovia, CA

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