ISS pass tonight, Eclipse after midnight, possible comet sighting, Dark Sky Star party Nov 1

Jane Houston Jones jane at
Tue Oct 7 13:36:18 PDT 2014

Hi everyone, sorry about the cancelled sidewalk astronomy night Oct 4.  
None of our astronomers were available that night.  Mojo and I were in 
Hawaii, where we attended the Hawaiian Astronomical Society's monthly 
in-town star party, however. We observed one planet, one star and three 
moons (2 of Saturn's, and our own moon) in spite of heavy clouds, nearby 
rain, and even a flood warning over central Oahu.

Tonight Tuesday the 7th, look for a 6 minute long ISS pass beginning at 
7:03 p.m., reaching a height of 74 degrees, nearly overhead! It appears 
in the SW and disappears in the NE.

That's not all!  There is a total lunar eclipse on Wednesday morning. If 
the sky is clear, the entire event should be visible to the unaided eye 
from the West Coast. The particulars are as follows (all times are 
Pacific): partial eclipse begins 2:14 a.m., totality begins 3:25 a.m., 
greatest eclipse 3:55 a.m., totality ends 4:24 a.m., partial eclipse 
ends 5:34 a.m. All before sunrise!

And that's not all either!  There's a partial solar eclipse later in the 
month (visible in the afternoon of October 23rd). I'll send out another 
email with save viewing tips before the 23rd., but my monthly podcast 
gives some details.  You all know never to look directly at the sun with 
special solar filters or glasses, of course.

I cover all these things in my monthly What's Up podcast, plus Comet 
Siding Spring's close encounter with Mars on the 19th.  It's unlikely 
that the comet will be visible, but I show where to look. If it does 
make an appearance and I see it, or think you can see it with 
binoculars, I'll be sure to let everybody know.

Another exciting month of astronomy is underway!

What's Up Video:
or many versions here, and check out September - it is still relevant:

What's Up for October flyer, suitable for sharing

Mark your calendar for November 1.  Although this should be our monthly 
sidewalk date, it was the only Mojave  Campground opening for our 
twice-a-year dark sky star party.  Details here, and although the November flyer is not 
on the website, the May 31 flyer has directions and RSVP info. Free 
campsite, Bring your own potluck, breafast on your own, RSVP is just so 
the park knows how many people are coming.

Jane Houston Jones
@jhjones @CassiniSaturn @NASAInsight
What's Up For Oct? Eclipses, near misses

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