Clouds and sprinkles for Halloween

Jane Houston Jones jane at
Thu Oct 30 14:14:49 PDT 2014

Mojo and I were considering taking some telescopes out to Myrtle and 
Lime Streets Friday night for Halloween, but the forecast doesn't look 
good enough.

In lieu of that, here is my annual Spooky Observing List, including 
scary named lunar features visible on the moon this week.

We are still going on with our twice-a-year Mojave National Preserve 
Star party, tho the forecast is for up to 18 mph winds, and temps 
dipping into the 30's at night.  So bring layers for your layers. :-)  
Details here

The same day, over at the Kelso Depot within Mojave National Preserve is 
MojaveFest, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the California Desert 
Protection Act, which established Mojave national Preserve.  The fest , 
9-5 p.m. features food, kids activities, ranger-led talks and guided 
walks, book signings and dance performances. -

What a great way to experience Mojave National Preserve, with the 
preserve during the day, and they sky above the preserve at night!


Jane Houston Jones
@jhjones @CassiniSaturn @NASAInsight
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