Sidewalk Astronomy Saturday Night

Jane Houston Jones jane at
Fri Mar 27 22:05:48 PDT 2015

Yes, weather and schedules align tomorrow night!  We'll have nice views 
of the moon and Jupiter at Myrtle and Lime 7-9 p.m.

And you can ask me about traveling to the Faroes Islands for the total 
Solar Eclipse on March 20th. I just got home last night. Hint: At my 
location it was clouded out. I was with 500 school children and their 
families at a school community event. There was food, dancing and 
although we didn't see the total eclipse due to clouds, the sky darkened 
as dark as night. It was dramatic! One of my friends on the Eclipse 
trip, with 19 total solar eclipses under her belt, called it the most 
emotional eclipse she had ever witnessed. And the darkest!

Around the Faroe Islands many people saw the eclipse, or saw it just 
before or just after totality.  (My hotel staff did see it, for example, 
and their relatives in the next town may have missed it.) This was 
repeated all over the islands, who last saw a total solar eclipse in 
1954! My photos here

It's a little late, but my monthly viedo (about the eclipse) is here

I have scenic pictures of the Faroes. Let me know if you'd like to see them!

Jane Houston Jones
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What's Up For March? Solar Eclipse in North Atlantic!

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