Bad news (clouds tonight) good news (Mojave Star Party June 25th)

Jane Houston Jones jane at
Sat May 21 18:15:01 PDT 2016

We Sidewalk Astronomers have been watching the satellite images to 
assess tonight's weather all week.  Nearly all the astronomers are busy 
tonight -- being a full moon weekend, that's when we spend the weekend 
with family and stuff like that.  So we are reluctantly cancelling, tho' 
we never really announced we'd try for tonight, and it would have only 
been one or two of us anyway.

But if you are at home and it is clear or only partly cloudy, step 
outside as close to midnight or as late as you can stay awake tonight -- 
we wouldn't be out doing sidewalk astronomy this late anyway. The full 
moon (moon at opposition) rises at about 8 p.m. and Mars is at it's 26 
month opposition a few hours later.  Mars won't get very high -- only 
about 35 degrees above the horizon about midnight. The moon will be just 
to the left of Mars, and Saturn will appear below the duo. Check out the 
Sidewalk Astronomers facebook page to see the star charts.  You don't 
have to be on facebook to see the public star charts.

I also wrote this  in addition to my podcast linked below:

Good news, Mojave National Preserve Spring Star Party rescheduled for 
June 25th.  I guess that is officially summer, but just barely. Same 
routine, RSVP and so forth.  The fall date has also been set, for those 
of you who like to plan in advance.  It will be November 5th.  The 
campground is also reserved the night before but the astronomers usually 
only set up telescopes on the Saturday night..

Jane Houston Jones
What's Up May 2016 podcast:
Mercury transit, Mars closest approach

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