Pretty planet/moon pairup tonight, Chinese Space Station visible, and reminders

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Tue Nov 1 16:41:08 PDT 2016

Hi everyone, my What's Up November video is out, and there is a pretty 
lineup of moon and planets the next 3 nights, so I thought I'd send out 
an additional reminder to step out and look up!

 From November 1^st to 3^rd , catch gibbous Venus (phase visible in 
telescopes, may look "oval" in binos, the crescent moon, and ringed 
Saturn together in the southwest sky just after sunset.The prettiest 
triangle of the three is Thursday night, so go out and practice just 
after sunset.

Then also tonight, there'sa very good pass of the Chinese Space Station 
just after 7:00 PM for SoCal.  This is probably the last real 
opportunity to see Tiangong 2 while the Chinese astronauts are still 
onboard. Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong are half way through 
their month-long flight. The station reaches 10 degrees above WSW 
horizon 7:06:53 p.m.  (Very near the moon/Venus/Saturn trio) Maximum 
altitude 67 degrees NNW at 7:09:57 at magnitude 1.2, brighter than the 
most of the stars it passes until it disappears into Earth's shadow near 
fainter Cassiopeia stars. Let me know if you see it!!

There are also some famous meteor showers -- famous from past outbursts, 
but rates will be lower due to bright moons nearby, but still any chance 
to see a Taurid on the 12th, a Leonid on the 17th or an Orionid on the 
28th, is worth it if you are awake and the sky is clear on or near the 
peak nights!

Mojave National Preserve Star Party is this weekend!  RSVP here on the 
Facebook Event - or ask me for phone/email to RSVP

Eclipse info - no new news, but some of your fellow members of this 
email list have reserved two of the camper sites next to us in St. 
Anthony ID, and there are plenty more sites available. Info was on the 
last email. And the Idaho Museum in Idaho Falls will have some cool 
exhibits (and speakers :-) the day before the eclipse)  It's gonna be epic!!


What's Up JPL

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