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Jane Houston Jones jane at
Sat Sep 2 12:26:55 PDT 2017

It's cooling a little in Monrovia, and we are planning another sidewalk 
astronomy night at Library Park, Myrtle and Lime Streets, Monrovia from 
7:30 until 9 or 9:30 p.m. tonight.  Sept 2nd.  We'll be showing Saturn 
and the moon again tonight.  Many of you know I work on the Cassini 
Mission to Saturn, and you may also know the mission will end with 
Cassini entering and burning up in the atmosphere of Saturn's atmosphere 
Sept 15th. Tonight will be the last sidewalk astronomy night with 
Cassini in orbit around beautiful Saturn.  We should also see Titan 
tonight, Saturn's largest moon, and the second largest moon in the solar 
system, behind Jupiter's Ganymede, which is just a tiny bit bigger. Read 
more, and see all the cool new content we've been adding to the Cassini 
website all year.  Gorgeous posters and more!

Welcome to the many folks who have joined our email list since last 
week's little article (and cover photo) in the Monrovia Chamber of 
Commerce magazine Monrovia Insider. If you didn't get it,  or "filed" it 
already, it will appear here on the Monrovia Chamber of Commerce website 
soon.  I had a lot of fun 
reminiscing about how Mojo and I "discovered" our sidewalk astronomy 
home in 2003.

As always, on the first of every month my What's Up Video is posted on 
NASA and JPL's websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr 
platforms! Here's the JPL web version

This month, I will take you on a late summer road trip, along the Milky 
Way!  Nearly all the photos were taken at our twice-a-year free dark sky 
star party and potluck dinner at the Mojave National Preserve's Black 
Canyon Group Campsite.  You can find out more on our website

Our next Sidewalk Astronomy nights are Sept 30 and Mot 28, not Sept and 
Oct 15th as I erroneously published in the Monrovia Insider.

I'll put together an album of our fabulous eclipse trip to Idaho soon.  
Let me know if you'd like to hear more about our Sidewalk Astronomers 
clipse adventure.  Jane

Jane Houston Jones
Solar System Public Engagement
What's Up September? Milky WayRoad Trip

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